I make music!

I’m a producer, sound engineer, singer and song-writer. I release my own music under the name Daniel Bohen and I also work as producer and a mixing engineer online for other artists. I have experience producing and mixing Pop, Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music in its variance subgenres (almost all House music, Trap and Dubstep). I’m always interested in making something that many people could enjoy.

When I’m focusing on my own projects, I’m looking to experiment each time and try to explore uncharted territories. Each track is a new sonic landscape and a new story I have not told before. It’s not an art project with complicated routes to undefinable standards and it’s also not just another Pop song, it’s somewhere in between, with long way to go towards finding the sweet spot. I’m finding my own sound as I’m finding myself. And this has been fun so far!


Contact me at danielbohenmusic@gmail.com